• (This is not an Android bashing post; I am honestly confused.)

    I have friends with Android devices while I am a long-time iOS person. They tell me about the problems they’re having and the solutions they’ve found, and I am, honestly, baffled.

    Based on their experiences, I have to conclude that Android is many years behind iOS.

    Is Android really that backward or do my friends need lessons on its capabilities? If the latter, do y’all have recommendations for where they can learn more?

  • Remember this come November.

  • As of today it’s been fifteen months. I’m really ready for it to stop sucking quite so hard any time now.

  • Thanks for the warm welcomes, y’all!

  • This Twitter thread made me cry. Seriously, it’s one of the things chasing me out of tech.

    See, one of the things that attracted me to tech in the first place was that it was okay there that I wasn’t femme. That I didn’t wear makeup, or dresses, or even know what cute was. I was a freak everywhere but tech.

    And now? Men in tech don’t talk to me because I’m old, fat, plain, and remind them of their mothers. Women in tech don’t talk to me because I’m clueless when it comes to all that girly stuff — I don’t have cute clothes, or cute accessories, or cute anything.


  • Somehow I double-posted my previous post. Let’s see if it happens again.

  • Tap tap tap… is this thing on?

    Time for another social network I’ll struggle to keep up with.

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