• Last month, I posted a list of scenes/characters I hoped to see in Captain Marvel. Unsurprisingly, I was zero for eight.

    I have plans to see #Avengers: #Endgame tonight, so to continue my tradition, here’s my spoiler-free list of what I’d like to see (but know I won’t):

    • Steve Rogers wears his Nomad outfit. Oh God, please.
    • Kate Bishop. I don’t care how, why, or who; I just want to see Kate Bishop in the #MCU.
    • Pepper Potts as Rescue. C’mon, the MCU showed her getting super-powers, why doesn’t she ever get to use them?
    • We get to see the Avengers find out that Phil Coulson survived Loki.
    • Clint Barton gets to be a hero for once, and not just the butt of jokes.
    • And he’s deaf.
    • And he has a dog.
    • Someone explains to Thanos about how if you get rid of ½ of all living things, it doesn’t do a damn thing to solve hunger because you’ve still got the same ratio of creatures eating to food (crops & animals) available to eat.
    • Logan appears.
    • And Steve recognizes him from when they served together in WW2.
    • Thor says to Carol, “Have you met my friend Valkyrie?”
    • Goose is still alive, and does something useful.
    • Steven Strange and Everett Ross interact in any fashion.
    • Steve Rogers realizes that he has zero chemistry with Sharon Carter, and he instead jumps Bucky, Tony, Sam, and/or Darcy.
    • There’s a major battle scene (or scenes) set to Imagine Dragons’ “Whatever It Takes.”
    • Nobody dies.
    • Everyone who’s dead comes back to life.
    • “Thanus”
    • An end-credit bit where Deadpool comes in and apologizes for being late because the merger took so long. He ends with, “Anyone else notice how much Thanos looks like Cable? Just me?”

    ‪And yes, I know I have spent far too much time thinking about this.‬

  • Whenever I come down to LA, I hit up the Doc Martens store.

    I tried these on and said to myself, “I am not the kind of person who wears boots like these”… but then I thought, “Do I want to be the kind of person who wears boots like these?”

    So I bought them, and have dubbed them my Aspirational Boots — I’m now going to try to live up to them.

    #docmartens #docmartensboots

  • Twenty-five years ago this week, a guy named Tom introduced himself to me. I figure that so long as I’m in So Cal (for the time-honored Jewish festival of “They tried to kill us, we survived, let’s eat”), I’d pay my sweetie a visit in recognition.

    Yes, that is a rubber chicken. Tom would know why (and laugh his ass off).

  • There’s an easy choice of what to play with tonight.

  • Captain Marvel!

    First off: no spoilers!

    Or at least not until I’ve seen the movie, which will be tonight. If you didn’t assume I’d be seeing #CaptainMarvel on opening night, you don’t know me very well.

    Characters I’d love to see have cameos in CM, but are probably (almost definitely) not there:

    • Clint Barton (Hawkeye) - because the world needs more Jeremy Renner in everything. And because (I think) it’s right about the time he would have been joining SHIELD.
    • Peggy Carter - because the world needs more Hayley Atwell in everything. And because she would have been Director of SHIELD at that point in time, right?
    • Melinda May - would have been a newish SHIELD agent then too, I believe.
    • Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) - why not?
    • Tony Stark (Iron Man) - he’s already been digitally de-aged once (in IW); they can do it again. Maybe a post-credits scene?
    • James Rhodes (Rhodey) - it’s canon he would be in the Air Force at this point, so it’s almost a question why he wouldn’t be in CM.
    • Hank Pym (Ant Man) - another why not? But mostly because I’d love to see…
    • Janet van Dyne (Wasp) - the original kickass Avengers super-heroine.
    • Who am I missing?

    I just threw on some random clothes when I got dressed today, but somehow (unless I change in the next hour), it appears that I’ll be going to the theater cosplaying as Bucky Barnes.

  • I promised more cat pictures, right?

    Y’all are going to get sick of this long before I do.

  • Why I'm still (primarily) on Facebook

    There’s been another recent round of people I know leaving Facebook — for good reasons! — so I thought it was worth a few words about why I’m not.

    Yesterday, I posted a picture of and a few words about my new cat to Facebook. And to MeWe. And to Instagram. And to Micro.blog.

    Today, I looked at the numbers and found them interesting, to me at least. So, I figured I’d share:

    Facebook: 91 reactions, 28 comments 
    MeWe: 1 reaction, 0 comments 
    Instagram: 36 reactions, 1 comment
    Micro.blog: 0 reactions, 3 comments

    In summary: Facebook had more than twice the responses as all the others combined.

    There are a lot of reasons why people write and post. Me? I write to be read. So long as Facebook’s got the eyeballs, I’ll be posting there.

  • It’s taken me a week, but I finally have an half-decent photo of my new owner…

    Allow me to introduce you all to “Little Flossic, Child of Magick,” who has deigned to take up residence here and even allow me to pet her on occasion.

    Flossie (her everyday name) is primarily a Ragdoll, which means I seriously lucked out because they’re supposed to be amazing cats. If I recall correctly, she’s about 16 months old.

    Lots more pictures to come as she gets more comfortable here and I get better at feline photography.

  • I have a question about typos and attention…

    I have noticed two distinct trends lately:

    • The memes that seem to get the most forwards and shares are those with typos and/or grammatical errors.

    • Advertising (see picture) is starting to include typos and grammatical errors.

    I know that my editor brain kicks in and pays closer attention when there is a misspelling or a misused word. Is there an explicit effort to take advantage of this? Or am I seeing a pattern where none actually exists?

  • Went to the grocery store last night, and found that I’ve somehow become an acronym.

    Nice to meet you, too!

  • This is what my post looks like in Safari on ios. I don’t have any of the options people apparently see when using computer-based browsers.

  • And now I’m remembering the main reason I slowed down using Micro.blog. I can handle no editing when I have a WYSIWYG view, and I can handle markdown if I can go back and re-edit things, but an inability to edit and no WYSIWYG view means I’m going to have errors and not be able to fix them and that drives me crazy.

    P.S. A solution that starts with “First, go buy a computer” is not a solution.

  • One of the things that really frustrated me at the #IndyWeb conference a few months ago was that everybody there knew that the independent web was a good thing and tools like micro.blog were a great thing and everybody agreed that more people should use them, but I couldn’t get people to talk about the why. In order to get people to use a new platform or a new tool you have to solve a problem that they’re having — and everyone I talked to saw the problem as so self-evident that they didn’t think they needed to reach out to communities to help the IndyWeb grow.

    What I kept suggesting to attendees was that they reach out to people on Tumblr. Yeah, I know, Tumblr is a punchline to a lot of people, but:

    1. There’s still an active community there. In fact there’s a number of very active communities on there.

    2. Everyone on Tumblr hates Tumblr. With a passion. It’s at the point where nobody there refers to the site as Tumblr anymore, it’s simply “the blue hellsite.”

    3. Tumblr users hate the site so much they are currently actively looking at alternate platforms.

    This is, I believe, what is normally referred to in business circles as an OPPORTUNITY.

    I’m not saying that IndyWeb people should show up and say “Hey idiots, we’ve already got all your problems solved over here.“ Instead, it’s a request that some of y’all join the conversation: see what they’re looking for and how their current solution isn’t working for them.

    I would dearly love to see great things come of this.

  • The good news: I went 32 days without a migraine.

    The bad news: it’s no longer “and counting.”

  • I am probably too optimistic about the results of the change my doctor made today in my anti-migraine meds, but damn, I’m really hoping that I’ll be useful for more than 1-2 hours a day.

  • Today’s WTF in Fanfic: Hanahaki disease.

    … a fictional terminal illness caused by unrequited love, where the patient throws up and coughs up flower petals.

  • I keep running into situations where the m.b ios app doesn’t work the way I’m expecting it to. It’s frustrating.

    Next up: see if the web version is more Dori-like.

  • Broken

    I keep hearing this song, and it just kicks my ass every time.

    Twenty four years ago this month, I wrote something almost just like this in an email to Tom.

    I like that you’re broken Broken like me Maybe that makes me a fool I like that you’re lonely Lonely like me I could be lonely with you

    Lovelytheband - “Broken”

  • Broken

    I keep hearing this song, and it just kicks my ass every time.

    Twenty four years ago this month, I wrote something almost just like this in an email to Tom.

    I like that you’re broken Broken like me Maybe that makes me a fool I like that you’re lonely Lonely like me I could be lonely with you — Lovelytheband – “Broken”

  • See what happens when I start going to conferences again? 😉

  • Watching @manton and @macgenie present at #IndieWeb Summit. Yay!

  • (This is not an Android bashing post; I am honestly confused.)

    I have friends with Android devices while I am a long-time iOS person. They tell me about the problems they’re having and the solutions they’ve found, and I am, honestly, baffled.

    Based on their experiences, I have to conclude that Android is many years behind iOS.

    Is Android really that backward or do my friends need lessons on its capabilities? If the latter, do y’all have recommendations for where they can learn more?

  • Remember this come November.

  • As of today it’s been fifteen months. I’m really ready for it to stop sucking quite so hard any time now.

  • Thanks for the warm welcomes, y’all!

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