Last month, I posted a list of scenes/characters I hoped to see in Captain Marvel. Unsurprisingly, I was zero for eight.

I have plans to see #Avengers: #Endgame tonight, so to continue my tradition, here’s my spoiler-free list of what I’d like to see (but know I won’t):

  • Steve Rogers wears his Nomad outfit. Oh God, please.
  • Kate Bishop. I don’t care how, why, or who; I just want to see Kate Bishop in the #MCU.
  • Pepper Potts as Rescue. C’mon, the MCU showed her getting super-powers, why doesn’t she ever get to use them?
  • We get to see the Avengers find out that Phil Coulson survived Loki.
  • Clint Barton gets to be a hero for once, and not just the butt of jokes.
  • And he’s deaf.
  • And he has a dog.
  • Someone explains to Thanos about how if you get rid of ½ of all living things, it doesn’t do a damn thing to solve hunger because you’ve still got the same ratio of creatures eating to food (crops & animals) available to eat.
  • Logan appears.
  • And Steve recognizes him from when they served together in WW2.
  • Thor says to Carol, “Have you met my friend Valkyrie?”
  • Goose is still alive, and does something useful.
  • Steven Strange and Everett Ross interact in any fashion.
  • Steve Rogers realizes that he has zero chemistry with Sharon Carter, and he instead jumps Bucky, Tony, Sam, and/or Darcy.
  • There’s a major battle scene (or scenes) set to Imagine Dragons’ “Whatever It Takes.”
  • Nobody dies.
  • Everyone who’s dead comes back to life.
  • “Thanus”
  • An end-credit bit where Deadpool comes in and apologizes for being late because the merger took so long. He ends with, “Anyone else notice how much Thanos looks like Cable? Just me?”

‪And yes, I know I have spent far too much time thinking about this.‬